DesignAngel Colleen it is 17:35 on a cold damp frosty evening, here in the west of Ireland and I don't in the least care about the dreary weather.Why?.You see I have here in front of me the most stunning angel design.From the photo I thought "wow,beautiful".In the flesh however, beautiful is not a sufficient enough descriptive term.The only word is stunning.A perfect material appearance of our idea.It is more than I could have hoped for and I sincerely mean that Colleen.Glorious Colleen in every way.You picked an amazing chain for the angel that compliments your artistry beautifully.The stone hey :) everything works so well.The card you sent with it is most appreciated as it gives a connection to you Colleen, the designer.A tangible link to the person whose incredible talent produced this piece.I showed it to my mum for her opinion and that has caused a little problem as she is fierce taken with it and would very much like to keep it.I'm not joking.I am so very, very happy to have found your site Colleen.You have worked in the most courteous and professional manner and made this whole process a joy.I have no doubt that on Christmas day when the angel is unveiled Lisa will love it as much as we do and that was always the hope.Well I have gone from hope to absolute certainty :)
I can guarantee that I will be availing of your talents again soon.In fact I reckon you may find a few emails from Irish people in the future.I said I was going to give a glowing review of you to all and sundry,well my review, however enthusiastic or flowery would pale in comparison to seeing the angel itself.
I thank you Colleen for everything.I wish you and those you love a warm glowing Christmas together, full of laughter and the mighty feeling of loving company.I hope you can understand just how happy your talent has made me and will make Lisa.As`we say here "you're some girl for one girl".
LargeAnkh I did receive my ankh and I absolutely love it. I'm sorry I didn't let you know before this.
I like what she has done, there are always two sides to everything & so it is with the Heart. Its a lovely design, with one side strongly reinforcing the shape of the heart & the other giving only a vague hint of the stone's shape, both sides capturing the stone without penetrating or gluing itself to it.
FossilisedSharkTooth Thanks Colleen, the jewellery arrived Friday and is gorgeous. Thank you again for all your service.


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