Colleen Maree answers some frequently asked questions:

What inspirations do you draw upon in order to design and create your jewellery? Anything can spark a creative leap.

I am primarily drawn to the fluid shapes found in nature, but have found myself doing more designs based on triangles lately. This is due to my long fascination with the sea and all aspects of it including sailing and ships. I am a member of my local Art Society and actively involved in all areas of creative expression – sculpture, painting, fabric sculpture, clothing design & manufacture, handbag design and manufacture. All of these areas influence my jewellery designs.

What materials do you like to work with? Why is this so?

Again I am not limited in my material usage. I try to use materials contrary to their intended purpose, I see something and immediately a design will pop into my head fully formed. This happens no matter where I am, it could be in a coffee shop or a hardware store. The value of my jewellery is in its unique design and not based entirely on the value of the materials, however I do use precious metals including Sterling Silver and Gold. Also utilised are fabric,copper,aluminum,steel, brass, leather, found objects, shells, driftwood, resin, precious and semi-precious gems and I have recently moved into using titanium for its ability to change texture and colour. In fact anything can find its way into my designs, and frequently does.

Colleen taught classes at the Sydney Bead and Gem Show in September 2009. Contact her If you live in Sydney and are interested in learning silversmithing basics.

She has also been invited to attend the Tucson Bead show 5-7th February 2011 and will be attending with a selection of her Jewellery and Accessory designs.

Previous shows that Colleen has exhibited at are:

Steampunk Symposium - Enmore Theatre September 2010

Sydney Bead and Gem Show 2008

Sydney Bead and Gem Show 2007

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