Exotic Design Catalogue - Pendants

Colleen Maree of Exotic Design Studio has designed and handmade all the selections on this page. Please Contact her if you cannot see a colour or design to suit your individual style and Colleen will be happy to consult with you to create something truly unique. Kits are also available and they contain all you need to create your own designs for earrings and rings.




Glass puddle made using Ash from Mt St Helens eruption, set in 14ct Gold filled wire.


Filigree Sails

Branching Out

Medal Envy

Australian boulder opal in brilliant blue and green shades. set in a multi layered design reminiscent of sails. Sterling silver, sold with white metal display chain. Sterling Silver pendant set with colour enhanced Freshwater pearls in lemaon and apple green. Sold with white metal display chain. Stunning triangular shaped Australian boulder opal with bands of colour, starting with red/orange and grading to pale blue. Bezel Set in Sterling Silver. Suspended from sterling silver and 14ct goldfilled wire 'ribbon'. This ia a medal any women will be proud be awarded.

$125.00 USD

$60.00 USD

$450.00 USD

Proud as a Peacock

Australian Boulder Opal Pendant

Sodalite Boulder Pendant

Unique hand made Sterling Silver Art Nouveau style pendant set with paua shell. Australian boulder opal free form shape - mainly blue/green colour with flashes of red and orange. Set in a combination of sterling silver wire and 14 carat gold-filled wire. Sold on display chain. Make a Bold statement with this Sodalite nugget set in Sterling silver framework. Suspended from a Sterling Silver Chain.

$250.00 USD

$125.00 USD

$65.00 USD

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